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Running out of time on your applications? Stressed about what to write and how to stand out? We can help you craft a unique and genuine story for your personal statement that reflects your true character and other unique attributes that make schools and universities pay attention and remember your application.

The most difficult yet critical part of the application process is finding your story. Perseverance, ambition, character, and a balance of pride with humility are just some of the key qualities you'll want to convey through your statement and across your application.

The goal of the WriteStory is to use our proprietary process to help Write Track Admissions clients find their authentic voice and capture it in a uniquely crafted story that will Get Noticed by Admissions Committees!

How the WriteStory Process Works

Stage 1 - Matching & Preparing

Write Track carefully matches the Client with an Admissions Expert based on a number of key factors. The Client then completes a detailed questionnaire, which lays the foundation for the close interaction between the Expert and Client in outlining the application materials.

Stage 2 - Learning & Brainstorming

Through an interactive process, the Expert and Client breakdown, rebuild, and stress test the uniquely crafted story using a number of  proprietary tools/methods. At the end of the session(s), the Client can confidentially apply to their dream programs with their uniquely crafted story.

Stage 3 - Outlining & Empowering

To ensure the Client has all they need to start drafting the application, the Expert will provide a brief written report outlining the general theme, unique storyline, and main supporting points covered on the recorded session(s). This will help the Client take the next step on the Write Track.

WriteStory Prices

The WriteStory packages are designed to provide an affordable solution for those needing to jump start their application process. These packages include: (1) questionnaire/material review, (2) brainstorming sessions(s), (3) brief report to prepare clients for the next step drafting their application materials.

After completing the WriteStory process, clients are encouraged to continue working with Write Track to confidently ensure their story is 100% captured in the written application, thereby saving time and greatly increasing admissions success.

Over more than 10 years of helping college applicants craft their admissions essays, we have realized that besides an exemplary academic record, a compelling story that conveys an applicant's ambitions, motivations, and driving principles is critical to getting accepted in a competitive program.

Whether your advantage is an outstanding academic record or a unique personal story, our admissions experts will help you incorporate it into your graduate and college admissions personal statement.

Our work doesn't end with helping you draft your story. Write Track Admissions offers discounts on editing services for continuing clients. After you have written your admissions essay(s), your assigned admissions expert will review, edit, and perfect it to ensure it stands out for the admissions committees you want to impress.



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