What is the best advice you can give for someone to maximize their college experience?

What is the best advice you can give for someone to maximize their college experience?

November 5, 2019

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I have always said there are 5 things that will not only make your college experience great, but more importantly help you grow as a person. This is likely, in my opinion, the MAIN reason to attend college.


    1. ACADEMICS: The reality is school is important. Its critical to your confidence, your personal development, and your future path. So you NEED TO focus on your studies and ensure you have an outstanding academic record which can come in the way of GPA, Honors, Publications, Research etc. The point is, if you have a mediocre record you WILL REGRET it later when you are applying for jobs, grad schools etc.


2. LEADERSHIP: Take on at least one leadership activity and sink your teeth in it. This is honestly more for your own personal development to prove to yourself that you have the moxie, leadership acumen and brains to make things happen! It doesn’t mean you have to be President or even VP of a club. Just part of the decision making board to work on an initiative and leave a legacy.


3. SOCIAL LIFE: This is a simple one and requires no explanation. BE SOCIAL! In the end, a strong EQ/EI (Emotional Intelligence) goes a much longer way than does purely IQ among employers, grad schools, future spouses. lol Speaking of, there is a higher likelihood you will meet someone that you will end up marrying in college than at any other time in your life. So be social, date, make new friends and network.


4. FITNESS: This is a plea for being healthy and not using the excuse of the “Freshman 15” to let yourself slide. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym, picking up running, playing intramural sports, etc. will go a VERY long way to helping you stay young, confident and healthy not just during college but well after. These are some of the best years of your life so cherish them and stay fit and active.


5. STUDY ABROAD: This is one where people may scratch their heads at and say really is this THAT important? Studying abroad will likely the BEST excuse to travel, pick up a new language, meet new people and discover new places all the while earning credit for school. It will help you immeasurably grow as a person and embrace the world around you.


NOTE: Make sure you can get credit as it can help you stay on track to graduate on time. Also make sure you select an awesome city and preferably in a country where you can see yourself using the language later in life. Finally the study abroad should be no less than 3 months to a year.


Bottomline, there is so much to benefit from in college to prepare you for life.


So as a freshman be intentional in planning out the next few years, make the most out of it, and never forget to keep growing as a person.


Hope this helps!


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~ Hamada | Write Track Founder

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