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The 4 Reasons why you NEED an MBA…from a Top-Tier Business School

October 19, 2018

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“I’m thinking of an MBA” – you’ve probably heard this a lot, and we have too. After all, a whopping 96% of employers say that hiring MBAs adds value to their companies. But given the costs and time away from work, should you really do it? In our opinion, based on over 10 years of admissions work with Write Track Admissions MBA clients, the answer is yes! But there is a caveat: to leverage the MBA to its fullest potential, it will ultimately depend where you get your degree.

Our successful MBA clients have used our services to get in to schools like Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, INSEAD, and others! Through their contributions and our extensive research, we have narrowed down the list to 4 key reasons for applying to top MBA programs.


(1) You’ll get the salary you deserve


Sure, an MBA means high tuition and two years away from work. But the investment pays off in unbelievable ways. Graduates of top MBA programs have seen their salaries double regularly! This means you can recover the cost in no time. But note there is a positive correlation: the better the school, the higher the salary. In fact, the difference can be over 60% between the top 5 ($130,000+) and the top 50 schools ($80,000+).


(2) You can be your own boss


Tired of turning in those reports for the Friday evening deadline? It’s time you set your own schedule for a change. Through challenging classes and projects, MBA students at the best schools learn valuable skills across the business spectrum, including financial planning, management, supply chain operations, that set them up for entrepreneurship. Moreover, at a top school, you’re more likely to meet a quality business partner that can help take your venture to the next level. It’s no surprise that three years after graduation, nearly 25% of MBAs start their own businesses!


(3) You’ll build a lifelong network of impressive peers


At an MBA program, you’ll have the chance to meet budding entrepreneurs, accomplished managers, industry titans, and so on and so on. These trailblazers and budding student leaders don’t just provide diverse insights into the business world – they also become valuable connections after graduation. Time and again, graduates, especially from Top-programs, have said that their networks have been the biggest return on investment (ROI) for their MBA degree. One of our satisfied Write Track MBA clients, Kanishk Kharbanda (Duke MBA ’12), says it best:

“The Duke MBA surely got me my dream job, but it didn’t end with that. In fact, every job I have landed since graduating has been through a member of the global Duke community. If it wasn’t for this fantastic community of alums – their mentorship and ability to open doors I never knew existed, crossing professional boundaries would’ve only been a dream!”


(4) You’ll develop yourself


Your MBA degree could very well be the best two years of your life. On top of the fun and friendships, you will have the chance to incubate ideas and develop yourself for future leadership. Indeed, graduating from a top-tier school greatly increases your executive influence: 1 in 5 Fortune 500 CEOs earned their MBA from an Ivy League!


As we’ve demonstrated, for an MBA it is imperative — more than any other type of graduate degree — to aim high and get into the best school you can. That’s where we can help you Get Noticed, and Get In, to the best MBA programs that will bring the highest ROI. Sign up for the Write Track Admissions MBA package today!


~ Abhi Ravinutala | Write Track Director of Professional Services & Graduate Admissions Expert


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