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How to maximize your college experience
Read Time: 4 minutes   In mid-March of 2020, I received an email letting me know that… my first-year of college will be cut short and I will be required to evacuate and return home within the next 5 days. My mind began racing, and I tried to fit as much of the  “college experience” as I possibly could in 5 days. I was hugging professors, taking late-night strolls with friends, eating to my heart’s content at every local spot, and so much more. But, what is the college experience and how can you make the MOST of it?!   Growing up, when asking people of their college experiences I always got a response like this: “best years of my life”, “unforgettable”, or something along those lines. Making your college experience “unforgettable” is a difficult task, because first it requires YOU to know who you are and reflect on what you want to get out of college. College years are far more than a stepping stone to a degree; they can be transformative years where friendships are forged, nights are never-ending, and laughs are … loud. For me, maximizing my college experience started with academics, but it went far beyond that.   Academically, I made sure to attend as many classes as possible and go to office hours where I can talk to my professors and teaching assistants. I made sure to come into class with an open-mind and wide-smile. I mean, how couldn’t I, I was a student of some of the most amazing minds in some of the most amazing classrooms. But, the only reason I was able to be so motivated is because I was on an academic path that was perfect for me; you should find yours, too. Finding your academic path, major, and interests can be tough, but I recommend trying out a few classes and reflecting and finding the ones that keep YOU motivated.    Beyond classroom walls, maximizing your college experience comes down to two other factors: health and social life. There’s a false understanding that you can only have two of the three (academics, health, and social life) during your college years. Many believe you have to sacrifice one to have the others, but I’m here to tell you otherwise! You can still have a fruitful social life WHILE ALSO getting your nightly 8 hours (okay… sometimes it’s 7 hours … or 6, but in the end you should be getting your sleep).    Maximizing your college experience is all about finding the right balance between academics, health, and social life. But finding that balance is unique to you. This blog is only here to tell you that you need to find your balance, not what that balance is; everyone’s ideal is different! You can find yours, however, through a lot of trial and error. You have 4+ years at your fingertips to FIND yourself and ideal balance; try morning showers, different class times, new disciplines, odd jobs, friends that challenge you. And, I can guarantee you, that soon you’ll be looking bac at your college years and saying that they were “unforgettable”.   ~ Sam Saba Write Track Admissions — College Expert