Law School Comprehensive Package

The Comprehensive Package comes fully-loaded with all the services you need from school selection to school acceptance to ensure you get into your top choice Law School program!

Assessment and Strategy

We’ll take a comprehensive look at your profile as a candidate in terms of personal, academic, and professional experiences, and help you select the right programs using our proprietary evaluation strategy to ensure your prospects of admissions and post graduation professional opportunities.

Application Brainstorming

Your assigned Admissions Expert will work with you on each and every aspect of the application process through a comprehensively exhaustive brainstorming session, ensuring that each component of your profile and materials adds considerable value to your total application.

Personal Statement Crafting & Adaptation

The Personal Statement is the most critical part of your application as it can shed light on your unique story beyond your LSAT score or GPA. We will help you formulate the ideal topic and theme and construct a dynamic and unique statement that is "pen-dropping" and will be remembered for years to come! Of course, we double-check for any usage, style, grammar, and punctuation errors along the way, and adapt the statement for up to three (3) schools you are applying to.

Diversity Statement

Your assigned Admissions Expert will help you with constructing and drafting the ideal Diversity Statement that ultimately answers the question "How does your unique background add value to the incoming class?" This is a critical component of the application, as it will allow you to add to your personal narrative and humanize you as a budding legal advocate.

Addendum & Program Specific Essay

An addendum empowers the candidate to address items such as a poor academic semester, an uncharacteristically low grade, a personal tragedy or extenuating circumstance, and other items that impacted you during your studies. We will also help you with constructing and drafting school specific essays (one law school program) to demonstrate your interest and knowledge of a specific graduate school program.

CV/Resume Editing

We’ll organize your academic and professional history to maximize its appeal to your target audience and emphasize aspects that strengthen your candidacy. Our proven methodology focuses on identifying and injecting more active language in your resume, highlighting your strengths in a concise and compelling fashion.

Final Review

Our Admissions Experts will thoroughly review all your materials one last time to make sure there are not mistakes or oversights that could hurt your application. With the Write Track Final Review, you’ll be able to submit with confidence!

Waitlist Support

If you get waitlisted, don’t panic, we’ll help you craft a waitlist letter that articulates why the program ranks as your top choice, how you intend on enhancing the incoming class, and which effectively conveys your most recent developments to the committee. We will also provide you with advice and guidance on how best to increase your prospects of moving off the waitlist and into the incoming class!