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Telling your story and standing out can be very difficult. Each month, join Hamada Zahawi, the Founder and CEO of Write Track Admissions, as he sheds light on the world of academic admissions and professional pursuits, through the unique stories and life experiences of his special guests. If you are interested in developing your own story, building your professional profile, or achieving your academic dreams, this Fireside podcast is sure to keep you hooked and well-informed.

Fireside Episode 1: Capturing the Authentic Voice in Applications

November 23, 2018

FIRESIDE | EPISODE 1 DESCRIPTION: In the inaugural episode of Write Track Fireside, Hamada interviews Ibo Kamal, the Director of Admissions at Write Track Admissions (an international admissions consulting company), and the Creative Director of Loominary (a social-consciousness production company), about the need to capture the ‘authentic voice’ in one’s personal narrative. This is a…

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