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Our Story

“When I applied to law school, I stood no chance of getting into a top program due to poor LSAT scores. So I  put everything into discovering my story and perfecting it on paper. This cathartic process helped me get into Berkeley Law, and later Cambridge and Harvard with scholarships!  

This was the beginning of Write Track, a company built in 2008 to Encourage, Inspire & Empower college and grad applicants to discover their stories and get admitted to top schools with significant funding!” ~ Hamada Z., Founder 

Our Team

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The team has traveled to 100+ countries, speak 10+ languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and worked with applicants from over 30 nations.



Our Experts went to Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, served on admissions committees, received scholarships and all graduated top 10% of their class.

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We were once in your shoes overcoming hurdles to get admitted to top programs, and in the process developed over 75 years of admissions expertise!

Our Framework

For over a decade Write Track has serviced clients from around the world with a breakthrough process that has achieved a 93% success rate! Our unique G S E T Framework ensures that you are best prepared from school selection to school acceptance and everything in between!

Our Philosophy

The most important part of your application materials is without a doubt the story you tell. Recognizing this, Write Track has built a company philosophy around the need to help our clients be authentic, creative and brave.

That philosophy is the WriteStory.

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the applicant to be honest by digging deep to understand their motivations and passions thereby allowing us to surface the authentic story that exists within.

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the applicant to gather all their inner creativity to breathe life into their narrative so it is candid, unique, engaging, and memorable. 

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the applicant throughout the storycrafting process to be brave and vested in their story, their schools of choice, and their future success.

“They were able to get something out of me that I didn’t even know was there… I was really proud of my story because it is who I am.” 

Shereen (Admitted UCLA & UC Berkeley)

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