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College, MBA, Law Admissions

Hamada Zahawi

Founder & CEO

Office Management

Ayami Hiroshige

Office Director

College & Medical School

Nadine Jawad

Director of College & Medical School Admissions

College & Graduate Admissions

Faheem Rathore

College & Graduate School Admissions Expert

College & Graduate School

Shannon Thomas

College & Graduate School Admissions Expert

Law School Admissions

Ashraf Joseph

Director of Law School Admissions

Law School Admissions

Christine Diaz-Herrera

Law School Admissions Expert

College & Law School

Omar M. El-Halwagi

College & Law School Admissions Expert

MBA Admissions

Ivan Rahman

Director of MBA Admissions

MBA Admissions

Ibrahim Daniel-Nahas

MBA Admissions Expert

Professional Services

Samma Ishaq

Director of Professional Services

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