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Our Collaborations

Global Citizen Year is addressing our leadership crisis by changing the composition, operating system, and impact of our next generation leaders.

WRITE TRACK conducted a series of in-depth webinars to prepare GCY Academy’s international students for college admissions.

The California Indian Law Association (“CILA”) represents the Indian law legal profession in California and supports aspiring law school applicants.

WRITE TRACK conducted a webinar as part of the ‘Pathway to Law’ to help support CILA applicants gain admissions to law school.

The Asomugha Foundation aims to have a positive impact on disadvantaged youth in the U.S. and the underprivileged orphans and widows in Africa through education.

WRITE TRACK conducted a series of presentations to help college-bound applicants level up in the admissions process.

LSAT Unplugged focuses on LSAT prep and law school admissions – featuring classes, discussions, and much more.

WRITE TRACK has worked with Steve to provide his students with extensive guidance on the law school admissions process.

College Scoops is the Insider’s Guide to campus life. Not only will parents use this new advanced way to explore a college campus, but students will too!

WRITE TRACK collaborated on a podcast and video presentation for college-bound students in the U.S.

African Development University (A.D.U.) is an innovative non-profit with a mission to educate the most promising young people in the region.

WRITE TRACK provided ADU students with in-depth presentations on law and graduate school admissions.

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