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Summer Break Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly

Summer break is upon us and,  as students, we are very glad to be out of school. All of us need to rest and recover from the school year. However, about one month into summer most of us get bored and stuck in the mundane of summer.  But, there are many fun, productive and new opportunities that can be taken advantage of during the summer. 

Here are 8 unique ideas that can help us out of a rut of boredom and have a great summer break in 2022. All of these ideas are budget-friendly (if not free). There will also be tips and examples of how to apply these activities if you are working this summer at the end.


Schedule a Netflix watch party with friends.

This can be done in person or virtually. All you need is Netlfix and the watch party. You can sub in any streaming service for Netflix. This can be done regularly. This allows you and your friend(s) from school to be face to face and it will give you something to look forward to.


Go on a coffee shop date with yourself

Take a journal and pen to a coffee shop in town. Starbucks counts :). Order a small drink. (My fave at the moment is a small coffee with oat milk and toasted almond syrup). Grab a table and put your phone on silent or DND. This is meant for you to get to know you. During the school year, it can be hard to find self-care time. Use the summer break to start the practice of journaling. Write about anything – here are journal prompts to help you get started.

Find a different way to move your body

Whether or not you like to work out, studies show that some physical activity improves the quality of your life. Honestly, in school we sit for hours at a time, so use the summer to move a bit more. This can look like going for a ten-minute walk, doing HIIT routines in your room, or following a yoga video on YouTube.


Go on a picnic 

Grab a few people, family or friends, pack some sandwiches, and chips and find a spot to picnic. This can be done in a park or other outdoor areas or lay a blanket down in the living room and have a picnic there. This can be something cute to do with friends from school or siblings. 


Play at a Park

It does not matter how old you are, playing at a park is fun! It brings back the child in all of us. Just running around, swinging, or playing on the seesaw can be very fun and relaxing. Plus, you can invite others with you.

Find different ways to wear the clothes in your closet

Sometimes you don’t need new clothes you just need to know different ways to wear the ones you already own. Put on some music, and find different ways to wear your clothes. Cuff your sleeves, and cut holes in a pair of jeans. Add a belt to your favorite dress. Try to stay away from social media. You aren’t comparing yourself to others, but finding what looks and feels good to you. 


Volunteer in your community

Find opportunities to volunteer for a non-profit near you. Here is a great search tool to help you find organizations to volunteer with. Giving back is a great way to have new experiences. It also looks good on your resume and you may meet some really cool people while volunteering.


Use summer break to prepare for the next semester 

Get ahead on any reading that you have over the summer, so you don’t start the school year behind. College students, contact your professors and find out more about the classes you are taking. Try your hand at entrepreneurship and build a plan for an extracurricular that you would like to see implemented in your school. Watch this video to see other ways to boost your college application during the summer.


If you are working during summer break…

First, take advantage of your days off. Use at least an hour to do something that is fun for you. Having to work will not ruin your summer. Find one coworker and get to know them better during the summer – having friends at work always makes it more fun. Also, ask for specific days off in the future. For example, take a weekend off in July, but request it toward the beginning of June if you are able to. This gives you a scheduled break to look forward to.

Try these ideas and come up with your own summer break ideas and share them with us. A productive, fun, and relaxing summer break is possible.


~ Victorie Norman | WTA Communications Officer

Updated: May 13, 2022

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