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Feeling Confused?

With a 20% increase of LSAT test takers scoring in the 160s, competition is higher than ever before, leaving those with mediocre scores little chance to get into a top law program!

Write Track has helped numerous applicants overcome LSAT/GPA hurdles using a bulletproof addendum established through a decade of tried and tested GUIDING experience.

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Running in Circles?

Law schools put substantial weight on the application, yet it takes applicants months of writing and rewriting and they still end up with a forgettable application.

Write Track can help you craft your unique narrative in a timely fashion through our STORYCRAFTING process and then perfect it on paper using our world class EDITING services.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Most applicants don’t realize law school has rolling admissions and wait until the winter holidays to submit their applications resulting in being waitlisted or worse, outright denied.

Our experts use years of experience and a robust project management tool for TIMEKEEPING to expedite the process so that you greatly increase admissions with early submissions!

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Our biggest point of pride is the results we achieve for our applicants.

How it Works

Here is our step-by-step process to get you on the Write Track!
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Once you register and enroll for services, Write Track will send you a questionnaire and schedule a call with you and your assigned Expert to help you create memorable application materials.

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Based on the ideation process through call(s) and  exchanges with your Expert, you will draft the materials and submit them for our detailed review.

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Your Expert will provide up to two extensive macro/micro edits to ensure that your materials are logical, responsive, unique to your narrative, and 100% error free.

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You and your Expert will perfect and finalize the materials and submit them to your desired program(s) feeling confident that you have greatly increased their prospects of admissions!

Why Choose Our Law School Admissions Services?

We have achieved over a 95% success rate helping applicants get admitted to top law schools including Harvard Law School, Columbia School of Law, NYU Law, Berkeley Law and others with funding.

A Write Track Expert will work with you each step of the way perfecting your entire law school application while keeping track of all your deadlines to reduce the stress on you.

Law School Admissions Services

Since 2008 we found that law school-bound students need guidance, support, and a partner to get them to that next critical step in their career. We have captured that in our Law School Admissions Services.

Current Law School Applicant
Current Law School Applicant
3-4 weeks (average)
1-2 months (average)
Contact Office for Pricing
Introductory Consultation
Questionnaire Evaluation
Resume Review
Recommender Guidance
School Selection Guidance
Timeline Creation
Narrative Crafting
Personal Statement Outlining & Editing (up to 3 schools)
Diversity Statement Outlining & Editing
Addendum Outlining & Editing
Resume Editing
Optional Statement Outlining & Editing
‎ (Additional Cost)
Final Application Review
Interview Prep Guidance
Final Decision Guidance

So What’s The Next Step?

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Law School Admissions Team

Our Experts studied at top-tier universities like NYU Law, Harvard Law, and Berkeley Law. They are truly accomplished, experienced, and graduated in the top 15% of their class, with scholarships and admissions committee experience.

Patrick Taqui

Patrick Taqui, Esq.
Law School Admissions Expert

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Brandon Martinez
Law and College Admissions Expert


Ashraf Joseph, Esq.
Director of Law School Admissions

Abdelhamid Arbab

Abdelhamid ‘Hamid’ Arbab
Law and College Admissions Expert


Ali Assareh, Esq.
Law School Admissions Expert

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