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Current trends show that the number of applicants to colleges and graduate schools are increasing at rates of up to 10% across the board. For high school students, the current student-to-counselor ratio is 482 to 1, highlighting the need for additional support. Moreover, applicants are now spending over $200,000 for college or graduate school. As a result, surveys indicate that nearly 1/3 of students hire an admissions consultant to not only increase their chances of admissions at top programs but also to get financial aid, such as scholarships/grants.

So when you assess the costs of education, competition, and impact of a top school on career success, admissions consulting is not only needed, but a required means of giving yourself the competitive edge to outshine the competition and stand-out as an applicant. This is a challenge that Write Track is eager to take on through the tried and tested strategies we have employed for over a decade.

We have worked with clients of every background; from those who have outstanding scores but acute writer’s block, to those who have multiple weaknesses in their academic record but have incredibly unique stories. The common challenge shared by both types of applicants is that they have extreme difficulty marketing themselves and conveying their stories, experiences, and accomplishments in a manner that sets them apart from other candidates. Write Track works to unearth those stories and help craft them into novel and exceptional applications that will get you noticed by the admissions committee.

Over the years we have been able to maintain an average of 93% success for our clients to top choice schools across our core program areas. We pride ourselves not just on helping clients achieve their admissions dreams, but helping secure millions of dollars in financial aid. Make sure to read the Success Stories of our clients

Write Track is based in Santa Monica, CA. However, our work is carried out remotely, for the convenience of the applicant, through phone, video conferencing, website portal and email. Write Track has successfully worked remotely with clients around the world using these tools to provide 1-on-1 comprehensive and personalized admissions guidance that has made us a pioneer in the field.

Write Track Admissions has worked with foundations, schools, companies and prep experts from around the world to help better share resources and knowledge in the admissions space.  Please take a look at our most recent collaborations!

Please Contact Us to see if and how we can best work together to help create a win-win environment for your audience and Write Track Admissions.

Pricing and Payments

Our goal is to be priced as competitively as possible for our clients as compared to our competitors. Our prices are based on years in business, our industry high track record, and the caliber of the Admissions Experts that will be servicing your admissions needs. We also consider several other factors when pricing our services including: volume based on time of year (early bird discounts); number of services (price break with increased services); and turnaround time (expedited service fee).

We provide our clients with a variety of payment methods and a payment timeline to suit their financial needs. We conveniently offer payment using Credit Card (additional flat rate charge of 2%) and Paypal (additional flat rate charge of 4%). On a case-by-case basis, we offer Bank Transfers (Zelle or wire transfer).

Please inquire with Write Track regarding these payment options. Remember, any delays in payment will prevent Write Track from commencing services and you may be assessed a late fee per the terms of service (See Terms & Conditions).

Write has 75 years of combined experience and has helped over a thousand clients into top programs with millions of dollars in financial aid. Given this track record, we never offer our services “on sale.” We aim to charge the same rates for everyone and in return you can rest assured you will definitely get what you pay for through the highest quality and best value service available. (Note: Price breaks are available for package services. Please Contact Us for more information).

For each client you refer and we procure, you will immediately receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate! But if you are a current client we will give you back  $100 for each client you refer (from your service payment). That can end up being $1000+ in savings!

It doesn’t stop there: your referral will also receive $100 off each service selected*! So its a win for you and a win for your referral!

Note: Please make sure that your referral notifies us of your name and email so you can be rightly rewarded for your efforts!

*Please feel free to check out the R3 Program page Contact Us for more information on which services apply.


To answer the demands of our clients, Write Track has created a unique service, Application Preparation Process (APP), that simply does not exist in the admissions consulting space. For each unique program: CAPP, MBA-APP, Law-APP we provide a multi-step, proprietary process that creates a solid foundation to best prepare the client before the application writing even begins.

Both clients and Admissions Experts have raved how the APP service has helped streamline the application process through its in-depth analysis and advisory tools, strategic timelines, and multiple assessments services. Ultimately, the upfront work makes the application process thorough, faster, and more efficient.

The APP process starts with an initial consultation call followed by in-depth analysis of the client’s individual profile through a questionnaire, SWOT analysis, and strategy calls. The client will also benefit from comprehensive guidance on school selection, financial aid options, narrative creation, and CV review, among other services. All the material covered will then be transcribed and presented to you in the APP Report Card, which is your cornerstone guide for the application writing process.

Secondary Education & Extracurricular Development (SEED) is for those in 10th grade and provides all the academic mentorship, extracurricular guidance and social support through your own personal counsellor to maximize high school and pave the path towards college. This is a 3-4 months process.

College Orientation & Mentorship Pre-Application Services (COMPASS)  is for those in 11th grade and provides all the academic mentorship, extracurricular guidance, social support, and pre-college planning you need to build your story, strength your profile, and be the “best high school college candidate possible!” Through this process, the student will be able to develop an outstanding and highly competitive profile that will allow them to hit the ground running when they start their actual college application in 12th grade. This is a year-long process service.

College-APP is aimed at rising 12th grade students (final year in high school) (See: What is the Application Preparation Process (College-APP, MBA-APP, Law-APP)? How does it work?).

Write Track has supported many students in the majority of health related fields including medical school admissions (MD and DO programs), medical residencies, nursing programs (NP, RN, LVN), dental school admissions, pharmacy school admissions and physical therapy programs.

Further, Write Track Admissions has worked on almost every major Masters and PhD program, from engineering and computer science to international relations and public policy, and everything in between. We have also supported most fellowship/scholarship program applications (Truman, Rhodes etc.) and professional services (resumes, cover letters etc.). While we do not advertise these services, we nevertheless have experts that can provide such support on a case-by-case basis.

Please Contact Us for further details and to see how we can best support your needs.

We begin the process with an in depth questionnaire followed by an extensive brainstorming phone consultation to outline each component of your application. Based on the notes you take during the consultation call (which is also recorded) and the questionnaire provided, you will submit a complete draft of the document to the Admissions Expert. Your Admissions Expert will provide you with up to two (2) macro/micro revisions (structure, content/theme, syntax, grammar). Note, these two revisions are for a single version of the document (same theme/structure). Once the various parts of the application are complete, the client will review a final time and submit to the program of choice (See How It Works). 

For clients seeking review of existing drafts of your application materials, we will consider this on a case-by-case basis. This is because often it is far more effective in terms of admissions success to start the application with your Admissions Expert from brainstorming the ideal theme to crafting and reviewing the application materials due to consistent quality, flow and tone in your overall application.

ONLY YOU can draft your essays. Admissions committees tend to pay particularly close attention in determining whether your character reflects the school’s values. This evaluation is primarily carried out through your application materials. Therefore, these materials, especially your essays, need to illustrate YOUR unique personality, objectives, and writing style.

Write Track serves as your mentor, advisor and coach while training you for your big competition, namely your application. However, as part of our comprehensive services in the brainstorming consultation call, your Admissions Expert will help you formulate ideas for your essay(s). We will then require you to produce a draft of those ideas outlined, and together we will work with you through a comprehensive editing process to transform those ideas into winning admissions materials.

Deadlines are agreed upon and set at the start of the process. However, they are adjustable with the consent of both parties. Any delays by the client in turning in drafts or revisions to the Admissions Expert can hinder your chances of admissions. The usual turnaround time for services is 7-10 business days. However, we do provide expedited service at additional cost.

Please make sure to communicate your exact deadlines to your Admissions Expert during your Consultation Call and then to outline editing turnaround times to match those deadlines on your personalized project portal with your Expert.

We regularly host in-person and virtual workshops/bootcamps, webinars and speaking series in the U.S. and around the world. We welcome such opportunities to provide tailored content to your audience.

Please see our Workshop page for possible topics we cover and please Contact Us for further details.


Guaranteeing admissions to almost any school is impossible. The admissions process is often quite complex and multi-faceted. Many factors go into the decisions of the admissions committees, including the number of applicants, class diversity, when you submitted your application, and financial resources of the school among other factors.

Also to guarantee admissions, we would have to be hyper-selective of those who we work with to ensure we are working with only “top” candidates. That is not our approach. We do not turn away applicants who need our guidance. In fact, we seek to help those with inherent challenges in their applications so that we can get them over the admissions hurdles and into a program they never thought possible.

So while we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee admissions, we can guarantee that we will greatly increase your prospects of admissions by leveraging our years of expertise and winning strategies that have helped us earn a 93% success track record.

Write Track Admissions does not offer refunds after services are complete. This policy is due to the subjective nature of the editing services and the outcome of the admissions process. In the event a client seeks a partial refund after services commenced but before they are complete, the user will be assessed a seasonal hourly rate for the time expended or credit for services rendered including but not limited to, initially drafting/editing, phone consultations, email correspondence, and other communication. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for more details on our refund policies.

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