Why do I need admissions consulting expertise and why should I choose Write Track Admissions?

We have worked with clients of every background; those who have outstanding scores but acute writer's block to those who have multiple weaknesses in their academic record but have incredibly unique stories. The common challenge shared by both types of applicants is that they have extreme difficulties marketing themselves and conveying their stories, experiences, and accomplishments in a manner that sets them apart from other candidates. Write Track works to unearth those stories and help craft them into novel and exceptional applications that will get you noticed by the Admissions Committee.

Moreover, current trends show that applicants are increasing seeking admissions consultants year-on-year and applicants themselves are increasing at rates up to 10% for programs across the board. Therefore, it is imperative to give yourself that competitive edge to outshine your competition and stand-out as an applicant; a challenge that Write Track is eager to tackle through the tried and tested strategies we have employed for over a decade.

Where is Write Track Admissions located?

Write Track is based in Santa Monica, CA. However, our work is carried out remotely, for the convenience of the applicant, through phone, video conferencing, website portal and email. Write Track has successfully worked remotely with clients around the world using these tools to provide 1-on-1 comprehensive admissions guidance that has made us a pioneer in the field.


How and where can I sign up?

There are several ways to sign up with Write Track Admissions. All applicants MUST register on the site by clicking the "Get In" button (or "Get Started"). There, you will be able to complete an enrollment form, detailing your name, contact information, schools of choice etc., which will be sent directly to Write Track Admissions. (Note: to expedite your services it is important to leave your best call back number). You will then receive an email confirmation from Write Track detailing that we have received your information and will contact you shortly. We will then assign you to an Admissions Expert based on your program of choice and time frame of services requested. The Admissions Expert will then contact you immediately to begin the initial consultation process to outline the services you need and devise a timeline  tailored to your needs.

You can also email info@writetrackadmissions.com, and we can contact you to start the enrollment process. Alternatively, you can also use the ChatBot feature to leave us a message OR call (888) WRIT-TRK and Write Track will answer your questions and assist you with the enrollment process. Finally, you can also direct message or post messages on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

What happens after I sign up?

A Write Track Staff will contact you by email or by telephone to begin the registration process. Based on your needs, we will schedule a Free Consultation Call with your Assigned Admissions Expert (See below: "What is Covered in the Free Consultation Call?"). After services are selected and payment complete through the Shopping Cart, a brainstorming call is scheduled and the work begins!

How will I be assigned and work with my Admissions Expert?

Write Track Admissions Experts are assigned to a client based on a number of factors including, availability to fully service a client, expertise in the area of admissions and, in some cases, geographic location. Interaction with your Admissions Expert will begin with an initial consultation call or email and will be followed by interaction through your personalized page on the Write Track Admissions website.

You are also welcome to call/email the Admissions Expert to discuss drafts and ideas for their application. In order to better manage, track and organize your drafts and notes, you should only use the Write Track Admissions personalized portal for all document management and interactions with your Admissions Expert.

What will be covered in the Free Consultation Call?

During the Free Consultation Call, you and your Admissions Expert will review your profile, discuss applicable Write Track services, outline service timeline, answer any outstanding questions, and assist you through the Sign-Up/Payment process. You should use this opportunity to get to know Write Track Admissions, your Admissions Expert, and how we can work together to get you into your dream program. The Free consultation will typically last 20 minutes and will be done over the phone.

How long does each contract take to complete?

Using years of best practice for both the client (program deadlines and academic/professional/personal commitments) and Write Track (schedule of  Experts and work flow management), Write Track Experts will complete the services for an initial contract in 2 weeks to a one month period (depending on the number and complexity of services requested. Note, expedited services are also available). Only in limited, case-by-case circumstances, will Write Track allow initial contracts to extend beyond a one month period.

If additional services are requested, then the contract period will be extended to ensure work is completed in a timely manner (depending on the number and complexity of services requested). Your Expert will work with you to outline deadlines that meet the allotted contract period.

What is the process of adding services after the initial contract is complete?

Often clients request certain services to specific schools, only to later realize that they applied to too few or that their new admissions exam scores enable them to apply to more "reach" schools. Speak with your Admissions Expert who will help guide you to add further services through our Shopping Cart system. Please also inquire about possible discounts for additional services.

Can I select individual services instead of a comprehensive package?

Yes, Write Track Admissions offers "individualized" services.

Note, the benefit of a Comprehensive Package is (1) lower overall cost, (2) time saved when working on all parts of the application, and (3) consistency in the materials produced if undertaken together with you and your Admissions Expert.


How are Write Track Admissions services priced?

Our goal is to be priced as competitively as possible for our clients as compared to our competitors. Our prices are based on years in business, our industry high track record, and the caliber of the Admissions Experts that will be servicing your admissions needs. We also consider several other factors when pricing our services including: time of year (March - July: early bird discounts); number of services (Comprehensive Package or multiple service discounts); and turnaround time (Expedited Services Fee).

What payment options do you offer?

We provide our clients with a variety of payment methods and payment timeline to suit their financial needs. We conveniently offer payment using Credit Card (additional flat rate charge of 2%), Paypal (additional flat rate charge of 3.5%) and Paypal Credit (installment payments). On a case-by-case basis, we offer Bank Transfers (Zelle or wire transfer).

Please inquiry with Write Track regarding these options. Remember, any delays in payment will prevent Write Track from commencing services and you may be assessed a late fee per the terms of services (See Terms & Conditions).

Are there any discounts for your services?

Write Track offers up to 10% off the cost of your initial contract services for the following: (1) Early bird applicants (sign-up before August 15), (2) Friends and family, (3) Past or present client referrals.  Please ask Write Track Admissions about these discounts and our Referral Rewards Program.


How does the WriteStory process work?

The WriteStory works as follows:

(1) Write Track carefully matches the Client with an Admissions Expert based on a number of key factors. Client then completes a detailed questionnaire, which lays the foundation for the close interaction between the Expert and Client in outlining the application materials.

(2) Through an interactive process, the Expert and Client deconstruct, reconstruct, and stress test the uniquely crafted story using a number of proprietary tools/methods. At the end of the session(s), the Client will have a uniquely crafted story they can confidentially apply with to their dream programs.

(3) To ensure the Client has all they need to start drafting the application, the Expert will provide a brief written report outlining the general theme, unique storyline, and main substantiating points covered on the recorded session(s). This will help the Client take the next step on the Write Track.

** Write Track does not edit ANY statements/application materials for the WriteStory service. If clients need help drafting the application materials after the WriteStory session(s) then the client will need to sign up for Write Track's various service packages. Clients should ask Write Track for details including discounts if further services are purchased.

How does the editing process work?

If you would like help with idea generation and outlining the materials before starting drafting your materials, we begin the process with an in depth questionnaire followed by an extensive brainstorming phone consultation to outline each component of your application. Based on the notes you take during the consultation call (which is also recorded) and the questionnaire provided, you will submit a complete draft of the document to the Admissions Expert. Your Admissions Expert will provide you with up to two (2) macro/micro revisions (structure, content/theme, syntax, grammar). Note, these two revisions are for a single version of the document (same theme/structure). Once the various parts of the application are complete, the client will review a final time and submit to the program of choice.

For clients seeking review of existing drafts of your application materials, you would submit the documents to the the Admissions Expert who will provide you with a quote for the service based on content/theme of the submitted materials, quality of drafts, and editing time required. If the drafts can be revised in their current state, your Admissions Expert will then provide you with up to two (2) macro/micro edits to perfect the documents. Note, often it is far more effective in terms of admissions success to start the application with your Admissions Expert from brainstorming the ideal theme to crafting and reviewing the application materials due to consistent quality, flow and tone in your overall application.

Will you write my essays and personal statements for me?

Admissions committees tend to pay particularly close attention in determining whether your character reflects the school's values. This evaluation is primarily carried out through your application materials. Therefore, these materials, especially your essays, need to illustrate YOUR unique personality, objectives, and writing style. For that reason, ONLY YOU can draft your essays. However, as part of our comprehensive services in the brainstorming consultation call, your Admissions Expert will help you formulate ideas for your essay(s). We will then require you to produce a draft of those ideas outlined, and together we will work with you to transform those ideas into winning admissions materials.

Are your deadlines adjustable and can I expedite services?

Deadlines are agreed upon and set at the start of the process. However, they are adjustable with the consent of both parties. Any delays by the client in turning in drafts or revisions to the Admissions Expert can hinder your chances of admissions. The usual turnaround time for services is 7-10 business days. However, we do provide expedited service at additional cost.

Please make sure to (1) indicate on the registration form your desired “Turnaround Time for Services Requested” and (2) communicate your exact deadlines to your Admissions Expert during your Free Consultation Call.

Expedited services are charged as follows: 48-72 hours will be assessed at an additional 25% of the contract fee for that specific service(s). Any services less then 48 hours will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please ask Write Track Admissions for further details.


Why does Write Track Admissions not offer acceptance guarantees like other admissions consulting services?

Guaranteeing admissions to almost any school is impossible. The admissions process is often quite complex and multi-faceted. Many factors go into the decisions of the admissions committees, including the number of applicants, class diversity, and financial resources of the school. So while we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee admissions, we can guarantee that we will greatly increase your prospects of admissions by leveraging years of expertise and winning strategies that have helped us earn a 93% success track record.

What is Write Track Admissions refund policy?

Write Track Admissions does not offer refunds after services are complete. This policy is due to the subjective nature of the editing process and the outcome of the admissions process. In the event a client seeks a partial refund after services commenced but before they are complete, the user will be assessed a seasonal hourly rate for the time expended towards the services rendered including but not limited to, initially drafting/editing, phone and in-person consultations, emails, and other communication. Please visit our "Terms & Conditions" page on the website for more detailed refund information.