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Attention International Students: 3 Tips to Get In and Succeed at U.S. Universities

October 4, 2018

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How can an international student have success applying to a U.S. university? Nearly 25 % of all international students study in the U.S. This is more than any other country in the world. Yet, recent statistics (2017) show that there is a 4% drop of U.S.-bound international students. This is due largely to visa limitations, prohibitive tuition, and restrictions on post-graduation job opportunities.


3 Tips to Succeed as a Student & Professional


Despite these realities, there are certain steps and resources available to better your chances of being selected and succeeding at your dream program.


(1) Be Organized


You just can’t wait around to be accepted the U.S. university you have chosen. Time is of the essence. Be prepared well in advance with what the student visa entails, the costs of your education, and the travel information required.


Consider Ahmed from the Middle East. He was admitted to a top Ivy League graduate policy program this past March. After securing admissions, he waited until the early summer to start collecting the documents necessary for his visa. Unfortunately, unforeseen delays in processing and bureaucratic backlogs forced him to defer his admissions as he could not get a student visa in time. He later lamented that “had I known the process was this long and difficult, I would have started the process when I was admitted and worked closely with the university to get the visa done.”

Working with College Experts is key especially with those who have worked, traveled, and lived around the world and can give you extensive guidance to save you time and money while avoiding the pitfalls.


(2) Obtain Scholarships


Obtaining grants or scholarships to pay for the cost of the program could be viewed very favorably by the college and the host country. With available funding, you can avoid the rigmarole of seeking a bank loan or the ‘strings-attached’ support from your host country that can delay your admissions or detract you from your future dreams. Make sure to do your research or get guidance from Scholarship Experts that can help match and prepare you for those coveted scholarships and generous awards.


(3) Prepare for Your Professional Success


There are many stories where an international student is admitted to their dream program, excels in their classes, maximizes the university experience, but neglects to start looking for a job until two months before graduation. And when they apply for the their one-year OPT training, they have no job lined up and end up wasting their precious year scrambling. Start looking for jobs as soon as you start your program, and have a Professional Services Expert strategize a job search process tailored for you while perfecting your resume, cover letters and even your Linkedin profile.


Having the opportunity to study and work in the U.S. has always been highly competitive. However, with recent changes and trends it has gotten a whole lot harder. Get organized, seek guidance, and maximize what may be your academic and professional experience of a lifetime!


~ Abhijith Ravinutala | Write Track Director of Professional Services & Graduate Admissions Expert


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