It’s Not the End! 6 ways to get ahead of the 2019 SAT Cancellations

It’s Not the End! 6 ways to get ahead of the 2019 SAT Cancellations

October 18, 2019

Some of you woke up on October 16, 2019 to this message from the College Board (the administers of the SAT Exam):


letter from College Board





This is SUPER confusing, alarming, and unfair to all those that studied hard and took this exam without cheating! Yet this is not a new phenomenon. In fact, this year alone scores of international students, especially from Egypt, had their scores cancelled in March, May, and now October 2019! This has also taken place in the U.S., Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and China in recent years (you can track all the international test closings here). 


For those students applying Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA), this does place them at a disadvantage, as there is no international testing date in November. In fact, the next available date would be December 7, 2019 (registration ends November 8, 2019), which is well after the November 1, 2019 ED and EA deadlines.


So what can you do to get in front of this issue especially for those who need an SAT score before applying? 


Here are some of Write Track’s recommendations that will give you the guidance you need to plan out next steps:


1. Submit EA & ED applications.
Submit your Early Decision and Early Action application if applicable for the November 1st deadline even if you do not have an SAT Score.


2. Write an Addendum.
After submitting your application, write an addendum to respective offices of admission. We would be happy to help you draft this addendum to strengthen your case. We would also advise appending a letter from your SAT tutor (if applicable) to explain what you were averaging over the course of your lessons. It is imperative that the SAT tutors are honest and accurate as the letter would essentially serve as an affidavit.


3. Sign-up for the December test date.
Though this would be after the deadline for early applicants, if you are placed on a waitlist, an improved score can help you in the long-run. Make sure to sign up as soon as possible to reserve spots (registration ends November 8, 2019), as many will be attempting to re-take the SAT in December.


4. Take the SAT test in neighboring countries.
While there is no test date in November anywhere in the Middle East, consider these other country options in December, as there is consistent targeting scores in Egypt specifically.


5. Take November SAT in the U.S.
We know this may be an incredible financial burden and time investment. Yet, this is just an option to consider if it is feasible for you.


6. Consider the ACT.
Less students internationally take the ACT exam and therefore there is less of a chance for systemic cheating, which could otherwise impact your score. The ACT exam is deemed to be more straightforward than the SAT and many schools take the ACT in lieu of the SAT. Even though its not administered in November, you can still take it in December.


We recognize the significant burden and confusion of this cancellation and are here to help you and/or your child navigate this difficult time. 


Please contact us directly (+1(323) 628-1640 | with any questions so we can best help your child move forward and submit successful applications for the 2019-2020 admissions cycle!


~ Hamada | Founder, Write Track Admissions


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