5 ways to keep you competitive for college admissions while on COVID-19 lockdown

5 ways to keep you competitive for college admissions while on COVID-19 lockdown

April 20, 2020

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) bringing lives to a grinding halt across the world, far-off goals like getting into your dream college can seem a bit out of picture at the moment. However, it is important now more than ever to maintain your scholastic resume to ensure your success when it inevitably comes time to apply to college


Here are 5 key things you can do while staying at home now and throughout the summer to ensure you remain competitive for college admissions, in light of the restrictions brought about by COVID-19:


1. Develop a hobby/passion: Nothing stands out more on a college application than a clearly developed passion. Use this time at home to really dedicate yourself to something: learn a new skill, cultivate an existing hobby, or develop tangibles according to your passions that, if need be, you can submit alongside your college applications to beef them up. Music, dance, stock trading, home-based exercise are just some examples.


2. Take a higher-level online course: Most schools are going online anyway, so adding an extra online AP or college-level course will blend in seamlessly with your regularly scheduled academics, and set you out from the competition. Check your local community college for their selection of online classes or at your high school.


3. Entrepreneurship: Now is the perfect time to enact that lightbulb idea you had way back when. Start taking the first steps to building your project or business – almost everything you need to do so can be found online. Maybe you can even tailor your idea towards helping people in this current crisis (see point 5 below).


4. Take on a remote internship or job: As businesses shift to better accommodate everyone staying in their homes, there will be no shortage of new online-based jobs cropping up. This can definitely help you bolster your resume as we approach the summer. Stay up to date on platforms like Handshake and LinkedIn to find one that best suits your talents.


5. Tackle something creative that will positively contribute to those affected by the pandemic:  Yoga instructors are offering live-streamed classes. Writers are publishing their own readings of their books for free. Educators are putting their courses online so anyone can use this down time to better themselves academically. And even creatives are putting their work into good use like stitching masks, spinning melodies for online concerts, offering other awesome freebies to communities locally and globally. You can even start a fundraiser or offer a service that ties in to your passions… Anything that helps or is poised to brighten someone’s day is a noteworthy contribution. Basically, there is no shortage of routes to take with this one! 


The point is, don’t give up hope. Really try to maximize this one in a lifetime opportunity to step out of your normal routine to truly shine and become the best college applicant possible. 


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Aly Hartman

Communications Director – Write Track Admissions


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