Medical School Admissions

Medical School Admissions ConsultingThe Medical School admissions consulting process will test an applicant’s resolve, and indeed, an applicant’s potential to succeed as a medical student. The Write Track Admissions Team made up of MDs, Residents, Admissions Committee members, and Program Experts will identify the medical school requirements needed to seamlessly guide you through the rigorous Medical School admissions process. The Team will then provide you with a personalized roadmap and assistance with your materials to optimize your medical school admissions application and candidacy, ultimately getting you into the medical school of your choice. Our aim is to make the Medical School admissions consulting process as smooth as possible for you.

Medical Primary Statement

Personal StatementThe General Application Primary Statement is the most important part of the General Application, and will likely determine whether medical schools will extend a Secondary Application to the applicant. Write Track Admissions will pair you with an Admissions Expert who will help you formulate, construct and perfect a polished General Application Primary Statement. This will help you proceed confidently through the General Application maze with a compelling Personal Statement and thorough Application Resume, which ensures that a Secondary Application invitation will be coming your way.

Secondary Applications

Personal StatementThe Secondary Application Statements are distinct from the General Application Personal Statement, namely because each school will require the applicant to respond to a specific series of Question(s) or Prompt(s). Medical schools are not only in search of applicants who possess the potential to succeed as physicians, but also value diverse experiences and perspectives, demonstrated leadership and innovative thinking, and a range of other factors a Write Track Admissions Expert will help you identify, and highlight in your Secondary Application Statements.

Medical Admissions Resume

Academic-ResumeThe AMCAS Resume is your initial introduction to the admissions committee of hundreds of medical schools, and there is only one opportunity at a first impression. Our proven methodology focuses on identifying and injecting more active language in your AMCAS Resume, which highlights your strengths in a concise and compelling fashion. Next, we will organize your academic, extracurricular, and professional experiences to fit the criteria of your target audience and emphasize the items that strengthen your candidacy.

Addendum/Supplemental Essay

Personal StatementFor many applicants, the personal statement or admissions essays do not capture the candidate’s fully story, or present an opportunity to address a significant event or experience. An addendum empowers the candidate to address items such as a bad semester, an uncharacteristically low grade, a personal tragedy or extenuating circumstance, and other items that impacted you during your studies. Be proactive and address these matters in a professionally constructed Addendum. Write Track Admissions will also help you with constructing and drafting the ideal Diversity Statement or Diversity Essay to supplement your application and demonstarte how your life experiences and personal background will add to the incoming class.

Medical Mock Interview & Prep.

MBA & Medical School Interview PrepWrite Track Admissions will furnish you with an intensive and authentic interview experience conducted by practicing MDs. Following the interview, we will provide you with an objective written assessment of your performance, which you can use to practice and prepare for the Medical School Interview. In addition, our Admissions Program Consultants will collaborate with you to devise a post-interview strategy in order to make a lasting impression on your medical school of choice.

Letters of Recommendation

Professional Academic DocumentsCandidates often overlook the importance of letters of recommendation, but more importantly, who to approach for a letter and what substantiates an effective letter. Write Track Admissions will provide you with guidance as to who to approach for a letter of recommendation, and also, how to provide your recommenders with the proper material to draft a dynamic letter. Second, recommenders often empower their students with the opportunity to draft their own letters. Write Track Admissions will work closely with you to help you construct a strong letter of recommendation draft, which can subsequently be edited and signed off by your recommender.

Wait List & Letters of Appeal

Professional Academic DocumentsBeing placed on the Wait List is more of an opportunity than a misfortune. Write Track Admissions will help you craft a Wait List Letter that articulates why the individual Program ranks as your top choice, how you intend on enhancing the incoming class, and effectively conveys your most recent developments to the admissions committee. A Write Track Admissions Wait List Letter ensures that your name will be on the top of the Wait List, and most likely, one of the first names pulled from the list and added to the incoming class. We also assist with Letters of Appeal if your admissions decision is put on hold or you are denied admission due factors including: clerical error or oversight/misinterpretation of your materials.

Hourly Consulting

Hourly Admissions ConsultingHourly Consulting is comprised of: 1) In-person, face-to-face consulting (pending on geography); 2) Telephone Consulting, or; 3) Real-time chat or web-conferencing consulting. Most services include personal consulting, yet this individual service is for those clients who exclusively request professional admissions or professional services consulting apart or in addition to the general Write Track Admissions’ services. This service is especially apt for those requesting: application evaluations and preparation interviews (professional or academic).

Medical Admissions Package

MBA AdmissionsWrite Track Admissions offers a cost-effective package for the most vital components of your Medical School Admissions application: the Primary Statement, AMCAS Resume, and Addendum. We also offer Personalized Phone Consultation with an MD Program Specialist to provide you with; 1) Application Evaluation and Overview of Medical School Requirements, 2) Mock Interview Preparation, 3) Post-Medical School Admissions Application Options. We also have a comprehensive package for Secondary Application Essays. This package is ideal for any applicant applying to US medical schools, foreign medical schools, Caribbean medical schools, and residency programs. Take advantage of the Write Track Admissions Medical School package, and maximize the quality of the most critical parts of your application.

Application Review

Application Review by Admissions ExpertsWrite Track Admissions Experts, Program Specialists, and former Admissions Committee members offers a meticulous review of your application, as well as an overall assessment of your chances of admissions based off of your Admission Essays/Personal Statement, Addendum, Academic Scores, and Admissions Resume. Considering the escalating competitiveness of graduate studies, your entire application must be nothing short of outstanding.

D.O. & Fellowship Applicants

Medical School Admissions ApplicantD.O. Program Applicants

Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) Medical Programs are becoming a more attractive alternative for aspiring medical students seeking a professional career in medicine. D.O. Medical Programs are innovative and cutting-edge, and therefore, a rapidly growing medical sector in need of promising students. With M.D. Medical School Admissions becoming prohibitively competitive, D.O. Medical Programs offers aspiring physicians with a vibrant forum to pursue their goals. Write Track Admissions has extensive knowledge about D.O. Medical Programs, and has guided clients toward admission to prominent programs.

Fellowship & Residency Applicants

Write Track Admissions will also aid Medical Students applying to Medical School Residencies, Fellowships, and Internships with their Personal Statements, Cover Letters, and Medical Resumes.

Int'l Med School Applicants

Medical School Admissions ApplicantWhether applying to Medical Schools in the United States, Canada, Europe, or the Caribbean, Write Track Admissions will tailor a personalized strategy to get you noticed, and get you in to medical school. Write Track Admissions has helped many American and International medical school candidates navigate the many options of international Medical Schools, and closely assesses the certification and license standards of Medical Schools in Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. If studying medicine outside the United States is either an option or your objective, Write Track Admissions will serve as your personal guide to learn about, apply to, and gain admission to a range of prominent international medical schools.

Med School Re-Applicants

Medical School AdmissionsWrite Track Admissions is extremely knowledgeable about the specific needs of Medical School Re-Applicants and Non-Traditional Applicants. Re-Applying to Medical School can be an exhausting process, but your goal should be to get it right this time around. Write Track’s expertise will provide you with an extensive analysis of what you can do improve your candidacy and the competitive-edge in your application by leveraging our seasoned Medical School Admissions Experts and MD Program Specialists to help you make a lasting impression on the admissions committee, and secure that elusive seat in your top-choice medical school.