Write Track Admissions | Scholarship & Empowerment Program

Write Track Admissions fully understands the pivotal role diversity has in the realm of education in the United States and internationally. To that end, Write Track Admissions has created the Scholarship & Empowerment Program, designed to connect individuals interested in providing resources to talented yet economically marginalized students who can greatly benefit from our admissions expertise. The funds raised will include partial or full funding for comprehensive assistance with their undergraduate/graduate applications.

For Scholarship Applicants or to get more involved with the Scholarship & Empowerment Program, please email us: outreach@writetrackadmissions.com for more information.

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Write Track Admissions is also using the funds collected to spearhead the following programs:

HIGH SCHOOL OUTREACH - Hosting workshops and presentations which will include a comprehensive tutorial about the college admissions process and a mentorship program linking high school students with college or graduate students in their specified areas of interest.

WORKSHOPS/PRESENTATIONS - Write Track Admissions has held workshops at leading colleges and universities, private companies, social organizations, and community centers. Our Admissions Experts will interface directly with groups, and convene an informative and empowering admissions presentation geared to an audience’s particular needs, especially those traditionally underserved minorities.